CRC Plays a Game of Jeopardy at Upside Academy’s Black History Education Day

CRC Plays a Game of Jeopardy at Upside Academy’s Black History Education Day

CRC employees are part of Californian’s diverse communities and share in the joy of celebrating people who have made our state and country better. Upside Academy’s recent Black History Jeopardy Education Day in Kern County provided an opportunity to celebrate significant episodes in American history, with a distinguished focus on African-American men and women.  Nearly 130 community leaders and youth attended the annual event in Jeopardy-style fun for a competitive game of wits.

For Upside Academy, it all starts with education and their mission to provide volunteer and community service opportunities for youth in Kern County. The organization is committed to impacting youth through positive characteristics that will set them up for long-term success — such as ethics, leadership, hard work and providing support to those in greater need.

Executive Director of Upside Academy NaTesha Johnson said, “Celebrating our community’s rich Black history heritage through education has become a vital part of our community engagement as we work to expand the perspectives of all children and inspire the value of learning within each of them. Because Upside Academy believes that if we don’t know where we come from, then we can’t get to where we are going.”

CRC was pleased to support Upside Academy’s annual Black History Jeopardy Day event, reaching students from low to moderate income households at local elementary schools in Kern County. At the end of the two-hour event, CRC provided each attendee with a healthy snack and a book to take home.

CRC’s Community Outreach Advisor Gloria Williams stated, “CRC’s values of Character, Responsibility and Commitment direct how we conduct business and contribute to our communities by serving as active and supportive community partners.  It was a pleasure to support Upside Academy’s Black History Education Day that positively impacted local youth who celebrated their African American heritage through a game of ‘Black History Jeopardy’.  This event provided a fun and unique way for youth to learn of the valuable achievements by African Americans and their roles in U.S. history.”