CRC Supports Deserving Students with Energy Mentoring Program

CRC Supports Deserving Students with Energy Mentoring Program

The door to achieving the American Dream begins to really swing open in high school. Economic mobility is fundamental, and CRC is committed to breaking down the barriers to having a financially secure life in California. In Ventura County, several CRC representatives are volunteering their time to team up with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to provide academic tutoring and career advice to hard-working high school students. Through peer-to-peer mentoring, the support program focuses on core academic subject areas, college preparation, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career exploration, exposure to cultural events, as well as confidence and leadership development.

CRC employees took a special interest in this mentoring program not only to be a catalyst for increasing workforce opportunities for the students, but also to show how the oil and natural gas industry has improved the lives of people from their communities. Built on mutual respect, trust, understanding and empathy, the goal of CRC mentors is to establish an effective and supportive relationship with each student, in addition to highlighting the many career opportunities that a STEM education can provide, particularly in the energy industry.

Evan Bargnesi, CRC Senior Geologist, said, “Dedicating two hours a month to help a deserving student navigate potential career options is definitely rewarding. I’m glad to volunteer and relay my experiences to these young people who are so motivated to continue their higher education in the STEM fields.”

Aimed at reaching DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and low-income students,  the mentoring program was developed through the LULAC’s National Education Service Centers as part of their efforts to provide services to underserved and diverse youths from the Oxnard Unified High School district and Hispanic youth residing in Ventura County. Through our industry “Careers in Energy” platform, the program also supports the Channel Islands Dreamers Program for a second consecutive year.

“The mentoring program is a way in which CRC employees can share our OneCRC culture and dedication to our communities and the energy industry by displaying a sincere interest in the student’s goals, as well as an understanding that most of them are overcoming many obstacles to obtain the next level of education,” stated Ken Bork, CRC Environmental & Safety Advisor.