CRC Discusses Business Impacts of Energy Policy with the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

CRC Discusses Business Impacts of Energy Policy with the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Last month, California Resources Corporation (CRC) participated in the Energy Economics and California Policy Forum hosted by the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The virtual event included attendees from across Southern California and examined the state’s ever-changing energy policies and their associated economic, business and community impacts.

Keynote speaker Jennifer Hernandez from the Holland and Knight law firm laid out how energy policy has real-life cost impacts, and how land use planning can exacerbate social inequality. The panel – featuring CRC’s Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Community Outreach, Margita Thompson, as well as other traditional and renewable energy representatives – discussed upcoming legislation, their potential impacts on business, how local businesses can increase their voice with legislators/regulators and why advocacy matters to local communities.

Margita Thompson, CRC Senior VP of Public Affairs & Community Outreach

Thompson said, “Having worked with elected officials for many years, I know just how much the voice of their constituents’ matters to them. We should all be working to reach out to our elected officials and our regulatory agencies so that they know how the policies they put into place impact you by driving up compliance and financial costs. You should consider letting your representatives know that to make your businesses more viable, energy issues need more transparency in their regulation so it is easier to have your voice heard.”

CRC is proud to support organizations like the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and its President, Sandy Cajas, who work to bring together our communities to engage in discussions about our communities’ future.