Eureka! CRC Plants Lemon Tree Orchard in Ventura County

Eureka! CRC Plants Lemon Tree Orchard in Ventura County

CRC’s agricultural division, Oso Verde Farms, planted nearly 13,600 Eureka lemon trees last month as the company expands its farming efforts in Ventura County. The Eureka lemon tree variety was chosen because of its hardy producing capabilities and ability to thrive in a coastal climate, making it a true California native! When mature, these trees grow to 10 to 20 feet tall while producing up to three crops per year.

According to Ventura County’s 2017 Crop & Livestock Report released this past July, lemons were the second-most prevalent crop behind strawberries in the Ventura area and contribute a gross value of nearly $260 million for the county. This economic information was another important consideration as Oso Verde’s weighed the decision to grow lemons versus avocados – another popular crop for the area.

CRC’s Blain Meith, Scott Espenshade and Craig Harvey of Nelson Farming & Consulting Services, LLC

Blain Meith, CRC’s Land Director, stated, “We are really happy Oso Verde Farms aligns with the needs and interests of Ventura County’s thriving agriculture industry and workforce. With our Eureka lemon tree planting, we expect an initial crop in 2019, followed by a full crop cycle in 2020 that will continue to produce over the next 40 years.”

Oso Verde Farms has partnered with Nelson Farming and Consulting Services, LLC to oversee the planting, maintenance, harvest and selling of the lemon crop. The fruit will be delivered to the Saticoy Lemon Cooperative and handled through their affiliate, Sunkist Growers, Inc. The lemons will be sold to a variety of customers through various retail outlets, including Costco.

The Eureka lemon orchard is the latest addition to Oso Verde Farm’s plantings on CRC’s property currently growing in the unincorporated area of Oxnard in Ventura County. Oso Verde’s first crop of organic blueberries was sown in March 2017 and the first harvest for lemons is scheduled toward the end of 2019.

Craig Harvey, Nelson Farming Supervisor, tends to newly planted Eureka lemon tree.