About the Powering California Network

About the Powering California Network

Dear Concerned Californian:

California’s economic growth has continuously outpaced the rest of the nation mainly driven by the tech industry in Silicon Valley. Despite recent turmoil in the financial markets and slowing growth in China, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation’s annual forecast predicts consistent job growth and economic output in the state through 2020. Job gains will continue to be driven by growth in professional and technical services, construction, and transportation and warehousing tied to international trade. Yet as robust as this forecast is, the benefits of our booming economy clearly have not translated to benefits for all. 

As Californians we understand the challenges residents face in today’s polarized policy environment and the unintended consequences that drive an increasing disparity between the economic gains for those at the top of the income ladder and those starting to climb in the pursuit of their American dream. California’s economy has roared through the last decade, producing immense – but uneven – prosperity. As our coastal communities thrive and pursue grand societal ambitions, millions of Californians are being left behind.

Additionally, the lack of affordable housing in California has reached epidemic proportions and energy prices in the state are already among the highest in the nation – with new regulations and policies increasing the financial pressure on working families every year. Middle class and other disadvantaged communities bear the brunt of these cascading increases as they spend a greater percentage of their already strained paychecks to make ends meet. These increases are effectively a regressive tax on the Californians who can least afford it.

Given that energy underpins every Californian’s quality of life, there is a tremendous need for a fact-based discussion around energy policies that impact economic mobility for our families. Our working- and middle-class communities need a voice, and we would like to invite you to help lead that discussion.

To drive this effort, the Powering California Network (PCN) – a coalition of individuals, families, community champions and business owners – was created to establish a trusted source of information on public policies and provide a voice for impacted residents. Our goal is to support economic mobility through sound energy policies and access to affordable housing and sustainable jobs to deliver substantial economic growth and prosperity that should be every Californian’s right.

Community champions need factual information on the true costs of policies that create barriers to economic mobility, eliminate or export good-paying jobs, reduce affordable housing and increase their daily costs. Armed with information, you, as a PCN member, will be empowered to advocate for practical decision-making to realize a sustainable future for all working families.

We encourage you to join the Powering California Network today as we help policy leaders make informed choices based on what California’s working families need and experience every day. Decisions that need to be based on fact – not aspiration detached from reality. California’s vibrant future depends on it. 

Todd A. Stevens 
President & Chief Executive Officer
California Resources Corporation

Jessica Quintana
Executive Director
Centro CHA

Who We Are

The Powering California Network (PCN) is a coalition comprised of community and labor leaders, industry workers, and local businesses working to establish pathways for upward economic mobility.

The PCN gives diverse communities a voice and serves as a trusted source of information on the policies shaping this new reality. Our goal is to support balanced energy policies that can deliver the substantial economic growth, stability and mobility that is every Californian’s right.

Our Mission

The mission of the PCN is to work with communities to establish upward economic mobility and safeguard the ability for Californians to afford basic expenses. We work with local leaders and diverse communities to inform stakeholders and policymakers on energy policies that underpin fundamental quality-of-life issues and promote the upward economic mobility that empowers all Californians.

Why Now?

Today, the middle class is struggling to maintain financial stability. The gap between the “haves” and “have nots” is increasing. The lack of affordable housing has reached epidemic proportions, energy costs are among the highest in the nation with new regulations and policies increasing the pressure on families every year. Middle class and disadvantaged communities are bearing the brunt of these increases as they are spending a greater percentage of their already strained paycheck towards rising energy costs to make ends meet.

Join the PCN today and provide your important voice in working with public policy leaders to help them make informed choices based on what California’s working families need and experience every day.