Imagine a Day Without Oil The Video

Imagine a Day Without Oil

Did you know that a majority of products that you use every day are made from petroleum? Take a minute and look around you. If you’re in your kitchen, chances are you’re near a refrigerator, or a dishwasher, where you used dishwashing liquid to clean up last night’s dishes – the unbreakable kind. Perhaps the coffee machine is brewing your morning cup of joe. Or maybe you’re already at your office, using your glasses to read this. Your smartphone sits beside you, and this page appears on your computer screen after you found it by typing in a web address on your keyboard.

When you think of products made from petroleum, chances are, the first item that comes to mind is gasoline. Yet oil and natural gas are not just sources of energy that turn on our lights and power our cars, planes, water heaters and kitchen appliances. They are also important raw materials that happen to make lots of items you use every day – from your smartphone to your eyeglasses to the vitamins and medications you take.

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